The Door To Retirement

The corridor is crowded and the doorway is oscured by the bustle of people moving in every direction but yours. You’re  a little scared having never been through this door you don’t know what to expect, what you will do, how it will end. Your whole life seems to culminate right there at the end of the hallway. You move with the crowd to and fro  finishing your tasks and still moving forward toward the unknown.

A man, in the darkness of the hallway reassures you that it will be the best change you have ever made, he knows because he has gone through  that door before. But you notice he has come back and that scares you more. And still you know going forward is the only right way to go for you.

Suddenly the crowd disperses for a long second and there you see it…the door. It’s beautiful by door standards…clean, bright with gold trim. You’ve earned that door and still you’re hesitant to quicken your pace for fear of the unknown. You’ve been doing this for 50+ years.’s all you know. You wonder if you should turn around and stay a little longer…you stop but the crowd is faster than you and there is no room to turn around. You push forward. ..the door is closer and you see the beautiful details in it. Flowers, prescious metals, beautiful wood carving. You’re not so afraid anymore.

You stop at the door , your hand poised above the golden handle, prolonging the moment for the sake of the unknown.

You hear a song behind you…tada tadada tada da…you recognize the song, smile to yourself for a job well done and you push the handle down.

The door swings wide…at first it is too bright to see but then you realize what you see…a brand new clean slate surrounded by a beautiful mountain meadow in the distance that goes as far as the eyes can see. You feel the joy bubbling up from inside and you giggle like a child. You have arrived.  The possibilities are endless, you can do whatever you love to do.

Not looking back you pick up the pen and start writing on the slate all the things you want to do and with each thing the joy fountain bubbles higher and higher until you drop the pen, raise your hands in the air and thank God for your life. As you head toward the meadow you see directional signs for the way to the things you love.

You’ve  earned it, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to do what YOU want to do.  And there you see your family behind you, cheering you on for every possibility you’ve created.

Have the time of your life Mom, stay busy and seize the beautiful moments of retirement. I love you, and I am behind you all of the way!!!



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