About Me

I love to write.  I always have, even when I was little.  I’ve had many blogs over the years and they always had to have a theme.  In my mind, it had to be specifically related to something like raw food, growing up, photography etc.  And the way my mind works most of the time, I will be gung ho on one subject for a period of time, then I will lose interest in it.  So then I would have to create a new blog because I’m writing about something else.

This blog isn’t about that.  It’s about pieces of me, giving me the freedom to write or not write, put up one of my photos, write a story, a poem, a list or just jot down my thoughts.  The only theme that I go by is that everything is a piece of me.  I’m constantly changing…everyone is.

I am a Mother, a friend, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a photographer, a writer, a musician, an artist, a painter, a construction worker, an LLC, a civil engineer, a commuter, an entrepreneur, a servant, a housekeeper, a personal accountant, but mostly those are all just pieces of me that all fit together into one perfect whole and complete person.

Sometimes I laugh when others get hurt, sometimes I cry when I see an injured animal.  I don’t always take a shower every day, and sometimes not even every other day.  I am addicted to sugar like an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.  I’m never a liar, or a thief.  I lack compassion for those who are sick but I expect compassion when I am sick. I am thick, I laugh loud, I sometimes swear like a trucker and then sometimes I am sweet as honey.  My life has been one big social experiment.  Even when I was little, watching people’s reactions to life was fascinating.  I went to jail for minor in possession of alcohol when I was 17, I sang in the church choir, I smoked pot when I was younger, I don’t do any drugs now, legal, illegal, and over the counter are all out.  I hate exercising on purpose but I love getting things done in the yard, going for a hike, camping…anything that gets me off my butt.  My eyes are green, my hair is dark blonde with streaks of white all a part of natural aging.  I can’t wait to be a Gramma and I can’t wait to retire so I can travel the world. I love animals, I only wear natural fabrics against my skin, I’ve fasted for 30 days in a row and fasted on juice for 40 days.  My favorite color is green, my favorite number is 19.  I’m as human as you can get and I never pretend to be anything that I’m not.

Thanks for your interest in Pieces of Me


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