Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Live each day as if you’re moving!

Western Washington has been my home my whole life. Yet I can also say that I’ve lived in the Seattle area my whole life.  But that’s not even small enough.  I’ve lived on the east side of Lake Washington my whole life, all within a 15 mile radius. I grew up in Kirkland, right near …

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Where am I really?

He’s curled up in the fetal position in a doorway next to the coffee shop that I go to. He is still. His young frame looks like a leafless tree in winter. He isn’t like the others that I see every day who meticulously place their cardboard against the door and crawl into their sleeping …

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In the Middle of Nowhere…

I took this photo last summer when we were visiting the Grand Coulee dam in eastern Washington.  Our plan was to camp in this hunting area that we knew of, where we could listen to the coyotes call at night and I could record it as a sound file.  We ended up driving around trying …

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Who are these people in my head

All day at work i doodle …flowers mostly but every once in awhile a person shows up in my doodles…it doesn’t take that long to release one from the prison in my head. And when they’re done they always look  like someone i know…who are they? Are they just fragments of people i have met …

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Sunset on Puget Sound

Sunset on Puget Sound

Washington State Ferry on Puget Sound with Mt. Rainier.

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