Alone or lonely


The soul’s journey was meant to be personal. While others provide love, companionship, information and physical pleasure, ultimately it is me that chooses what to incorporate intomy life’s journey and what to discard.

Alone is a perceived harsh word with a less than positive meaning passed down from generation to generation until it is no longer recognized as the single most important factor in finding the destined place in life.

In aloneness thoughts are clearer, unmuddled by others. In aloneness it is possible to sort through the different aspects of life that have been carried along the way…discarding those that don’t serve.

Every great person in history found lasting wisdom through being alone. And ordinary life is great in its own accord and requires the space to contemplate gems collected.

In a perfect world we would go throughout the day picking up tidbits and storing them like a harvester stores fruit in a basket.  At the end of the day, being alone, we would sort through that ‘basket’ and discard the ‘fruits’ that don’t serve us and clean,  cherish and store the ones that do.  A daily practice like this would bring peace to an already chaotic world and it would provide balance so that the start of a new day begins with the solid foundation of your soul’s choice, ready to harvest anew.


The 10 Day Detox Diet…I Found Something That Really WORKS For Me


10 Day Detox Diet

One of my favorite recipes in the book Sundried tomato pesto stuffed chicken breast.










Now, I’m not one to promote things that I try with my health unless they work; unless I can tell my success story.  So when I started the 10 Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hyman 11 days ago I was alas very hopeful but being as I’ve tried hundreds of different diets that didn’t work, I wasn’t putting all my stock into the results.  And it started out SLOW. The first two days, I didn’t feel good, didn’t budge a pound and even gained a pound and it was a ton of work that I wasn’t used to.  But as I traversed the days ahead I saw my blood sugar dropping by the double digits and my blood pressure dropping as well which has never dropped in all the things that I have tried including a 40 day juice fast.

I have fantastic staying power when I want to so I stuck to the diet to the T doing everything that Dr. Hyman said to do…and I have to say it wasn’t easy, it put me way outside the box that I had been living in and it was life changing.

Fast forward 10 days…these are my results:

Morning Blood sugar                  March 23rd – 270                    April 1st – 145   That is a total reduction of 125 points!!! In 10 days!

Before bed blood pressure       March 23rd – 187/99              April 1st – 137/79  This is 50 points reduction in systolic and 20 points in diastolic!

 Total weight loss –          5 lbs.

Total inches lost –              ½ “

Others have lost a pound a day, I happened to lose a half pound a day which is nothing to sneeze at.  You might be thinking, only a 1/2″ and 5 lbs. is it worth it? But you have to realize where I began.

God has blessed me with a body that cannot use any prescription medicine. I say blessed only because it is a journey for me to try to regain my health without covering up the symptoms or chopping out any body parts.  And fear has been right by my side the whole time.  I stopped going to doctors because they would freak out when they saw my blood pressure and my blood sugar.  Saying things like, “you’re going to have a stroke or a heart attack if you don’t take this medicine” or “you’ll lose a leg or have to have kidney dialysis if you don’t take Metformin” or “Metformin protects your kidneys”.  RIGHT!  I found out the hard way three times that it doesn’t protect MY kidneys.

Anyway, I am so excited about this that I have to share it in the hopes that I can help other people who find themselves in a similar situation.  In my next post I’ll give a quick overview of what it’s like.

But definitely check it out!  Read the reviews and other success stories out there.  The book came out in February so it is fairly new but Dr. Oz is promoting it as well because IT WORKS!  Finally something that WORKS!

Just Because

Just because I’m different
Doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve respect

Just because I believe in things that you don’t
Doesn’t make me wrong

Just because my path goes east and yours goes west
Doesn’t mean that either of us is lost

Just because I don’t dress like everyone else
Doesn’t mean that I should be ridiculed and laughed at

Just because I don’t believe what you believe
Doesn’t mean either of us is right or wrong

Just because I’m true to myself and you conform
Doesn’t make either of us better then the other

The beautiful thing about being human
Is that we are all different
In the same way we are all connected
One believes one thing and another believes something different
And in that difference, you find balance
For if we were all the same, life would certainly be boring

Celebrate our differences,  smile at our idiosyncrasies
Love one another because of our differences

We are all One!

Out of the Fog

Puget Sound amidst the Seattle fog

Puget Sound amidst the Seattle fog

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

Favorites (98)b

“You are what you eat”. This is a quote that I’ve been hearing since I was a child.  For years I’ve paid attention to what I eat in the hopes of creating a healthy positive and uplifting life.  Even when I ate almost 100% raw for a year I still didn’t feel like I had what I was hoping to find.

It finally dawned on me…I AM a whole person and although you are what you eat, you are also what you put into the world through actions, attitudes and words. While my diet was getting better my words were in a spiraling downward cyclone creating negativity upon negativity upon negativity and eventually dis-ease.

I went to an essential oils class about a month ago where a lovely lady taught us about the vibration of each of the essential oils.  (By the way, essential oils are at the top of the list of highest vibrating things.)  I went because I have always been fascinated with how things vibrate at different levels.  It was infinitely captivating for me.  As synchronicity goes, this lead to researching lists of high vibrating foods then to high/low vibrations of words and thoughts.

I began searching and reading about words that heal.  And I got out a list that I made a few years back of my favorite words, words that made me feel good when I thought about them or said them out loud.  At the time, I wrote a poem incorporating all of my favorite words and it was inspirational for me to read it since it encompassed all the words that made me feel good.

I began adding to that list.  I came up with 233 words (and growing) that made me feel good when I said them and presumably they are higher vibrating words.  When I read them out loud to myself it feels like I am being uplifted inside of a soft melody.

Try it…read them out loud when you are alone or read them to your children or grandchildren. Or better yet…make your own list of your favorite words and take a feel!

My dogs get excited when I read them, they must be doing some good


abound, abstract, Abundance, acceptance, acknowledgement, action, affirmation, alight, alleluia, aloft, amen, among, angel, aroma, art, ascend, authentic


balance, beauty, being of light, birch, birds, birth, Blessed, Blessings, bliss, boat, breath, breeze, bright, brook


calm, captivating, celebration, centered, change, charity, child, clarity, cloud, colors, compassion, complete, confidence, consciousness, consideration, content, contentment, creation, creativity, Creator, crystal


dance, dawn, delight, destination, dimension, Divine, dream


eagle, earth, encourage, energy, enjoy, enlighten, enthusiasm, essence, essential oils, excitement, explore, exuberance


fairy, Faith, family, feather, floating, flowers, forest, Forgiveness, freedom, friend


galaxy, gem, gentle, giving, glory, glow, GOD, Goddess, good will, Gratitude, green


happiness, harmony, healing, healthy, heart, heaven, high, Holy, honor, hope, hover


imagine, I AM, ideas, illuminate, imagination, incredible, indigo, infant, infinity, inspiration, intelligence, intention, intuition


Jesus, journey, Joy




laughter, leaves, life, light, Love, lovely


magic, manifestation, meaningful, meditation, melody, merciful, mist, moment, morning, mountain, music, my pleasure


nature, nurture


ocean, often, Ohm, oneness, open, oracle


Patience, passionate, Peace, perfection, pink, plains, play, positive, power, powerful, prosperity, purity, purpose


quiet, quiver


radiant, rainbow, rebirth, receptive, release, rhythm, rose


sea, seeps, self-love, serendipity, serene, serenity, service, shimmer, shine, shore, silence, sing, sky, smile, soft, song, songbird, Soul, spirit, star, story, stream, strength, sunlight, support, Surrender, synchronicity


Tranquility, thank you, together, transcend, transformation, transition, trust, Truth


understanding, unicorn, Unity, universe, uplifting


valley, vast, vibrant, vibration, violet, visceral, vision, vitality, voice, vulnerable


warm, water, wealth, wellness, whisper, wholeness, wild, willing, wind, wisdom, worthy


yellow, yoga, youth

Independence Day Sunrise

Independence Day Sunrise

Creeping out the door at 4 a.m. to catch the sunrise an hour away at Cap Sante local park in Anacortes, WA was well worth the trouble. It was amazing!

More GM Madness


The headline in the newspapers today was about Washington wheat farmers and the GM wheat that showed up in Oregon. “The article says that Japan and South Korea have halted buying from the US the soft white wheat that they usually buy from the northwest.  They are waiting for information about the incident from the USDA, but the USDA won’t talk to them.  Meanwhile, the USDA made a public announcement on Friday, June 14, 2013, stating that the genetically modified (GM) wheat found in Oregon was an isolated incident.

I don’t know about you but that statement is absurd!  How would they know if it was an isolated incident?  Unless they sprayed Roundup on every wheat field in the country, there is no way to know whether the GM wheat has made its way into any farm.  It looks like wheat, it acts like wheat…it is exactly like wheat on the outside but a monstrosity on the inside.  And the only way to know is to use Roundup.  Shaking my head…we are in trouble.

The USDA has not said the specific kind of wheat that was found to be GM but the crop that was most recently grown on this farm was soft white wheat. And the USDA is staying very hush-hush about their investigation and is refusing help from companies that have much riding on the outcome like Washington Crop Improvement Association and Universities. ”

Of course they haven’t said what kind of wheat!  Because they are in kahootz with Monsanto.  And if they did give any type of information there would be a scare that would ripple across the world and consumers would stop buying wheat products, other countries besides Japan and South Korea would stop importing our wheat.  It would be disastrous for Monsanto and the farmers that grow their wheat.

“At least four farmers have filed lawsuits against Monsanto since the discovery of the GM wheat in late May. And rumors are rampant about how the GM wheat got into the Oregon wheat field…anti GM activists, a mistake or accident, or Monsanto doing something inappropriate. ”

Go farmers go!  File those lawsuits.  You may not have a chance in hell because of the power that Monsanto yields or because of the multitudes of political ‘friends’ that they have in their back pocket but the more you sue, the more public information is shared, the more people know what is going on behind their backs in the food industry, with the USDA, the FDA and Monsanto. 

Anti-GM activists???  Are you kidding me?  Why would an anti-GM activist plant a GM crop? And how in the world would a GM wheat that was never sold on the market get into a field on accident?  My vote is of course Monsanto, mostly because throughout the world that is their mode of action.  They sell their GM crops to people at grossly discounted prices.  Then once they have them as customers, they raise the price each year until the farmer can’t afford to buy the wheat.  Then once that happens, the farmer either takes a loan out for the wheat or refuses to grow it anymore. 

In the first case what happens is the farmer cannot pay back the loan and Monsanto takes the farm.  Once they own it they lease it to someone who can grow their crops.  And if the farmer refuses to grow their wheat, somehow seeds will sprout up in that farm, magically, and then Monsanto sues that farmer for growing a copyrighted crop.  Monsanto then takes ownership of that farm also.
So what would be different here in the United States?  Why wouldn’t GM wheat ‘magically’ show up in crops across the country, especially crops that already use Roundup. 

“The article goes on to say that the wheat farmers’ position on GM wheat is simple but sometimes misunderstood.  Although they told Monsanto 10 years ago they didn’t want Roundup Ready wheat, they have expressed an interest in drought-resistant wheat that could come from genetic technology.  They oppose a statewide measure that would require food products with GM ingredients to be labeled.  This is expected to be on the Washington ballot this fall.  They think the issue should be handled at the national level. “

The article states that most of the field corn, soy and canola grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. “

Wikipedia says that 98% of the corn-growing land in the U.S. is in use for field corn. It also says that field corn is used for livestock fodder, corn flour, hominy, grits, tortillas, corn bread, cold breakfast cereals as well as common food ingredients like corn starch, corn oil, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup, alcohol and corn whiskey.  “Sweet corn” is not genetically modified.

This means that virtually everything on the grocery stores shelves has genetically modified ingredients in it unless it says GM free or it says Organic.  Is that terrifying?

93% of soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, as in Roundup Ready and bt toxin infused, and is in most of the products on the grocery store shelves, not just soy sauce, soy beans or feed for poultry, swine, beef and aquaculture. 

These are some of the thousands of ingredients that are soy based and in the majority of products you find in the grocery store:
Soy oil, margarine, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, soy emulsifier, vitamin E/tocopherol, soy protein, soy isolate, soy meal, semolina flour (most pastas are made from semolina flour), and hydrolyzed soy protein.

Canola oil is purported by some to be one of the ‘healthy’ oils but most don’t know that canola oil is made from the rapeseed (who in their right mind would think a name like that would be healthful), of which 83% of rapeseed grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.

And the most surprising to me was cotton.  Most genetically modified cotton is grown in the U.S. or in India. 43% of the world’s cotton was genetically modified in 2007.  Today 94% of cotton grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.

Is there any wonder why research has said that eating meat makes you unhealthy, most of the feed that they eat is genetically modified corn or soy.

Is it any wonder why the incidences of irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer have risen sharply in the past 100 years.  Corn and soy crops are genetically modified with the bt toxin to kill insects.  How the bt toxin works is to permeate the gut of the insect and then punch holes in it until the host dies.  Isn’t that what irritable bowel syndrome is?  And allergies come from holes in the intestine…

We are being poisoned with pesticides and herbicides every single day that we eat processed and non-organic foods.  Monsanto has become the biggest power wielding company in the world.  They have their tentacles in every country.  The only way to stop them is to stop buying their products. 

That doesn’t mean to just stop buying Roundup for your garden.  It means stop buying meat that is fed GM feed, stop buying cotton clothing from the US and India, stop buying processed foods unless they are labeled non-GMO or organic.

But most of all, start growing your own food, that way you know where it came from and what was or was not put on it. 

And just because you read something somewhere like this information, it doesn’t mean that you follow mine or any recommendations, research yourself.  Research Monsanto, research genetically modified, research the food that you eat and the companies that make them. Research the opponents of GM labeling and where they get their money, research the pro GM foods companies, are they tied to Monsanto somehow?  Research your political representatives…are they in Monsanto’s back pocket? Can you yourself put 2 and 2 together? Or push your head into the sand and let sleeping tigers lie?

Not only do these things for yourself, but do it for your children and their children and the generations that come after them. 

It is our duty to protect ourselves and future generations from harm, whether it be from poisons or enemies.  It is our duty!

Frankinwheat Out of Control


Photo courtesy of David Kirk Patrick.

I received an interesting email from the Center for Food Safety, based out of Washington D.C, this morning. They were asking for any information regarding the Monsanto GMO wheat that a farmer found in Oregon last week.  They wanted to get in touch with any farmers that grow white wheat, sell white wheat or anyone that has any other information regarding the contamination event in Oregon.  In other words they want to hear from anyone that has any information that might be helpful in the investigation.

The email also stated that Japan and South Korea have already suspended all wheat exports from the United States and that other countries are soon to follow. 

Apparently, Monsanto tested the GMO wheat in Oregon 10 years ago but suspended its production because of opposition from EVERYONE involved except the FDA.  They were apparently ready to sign on the dotted line to allow the wheat into production.

It is appalling, and frightening to know that this monstrosity that Monsanto has created is breeding on its own and spreading.  And if you really examine what just happened you’ll realize that the only reason that this farmer found out is because he uses Roundup on his fields of wheat.  What about the organic fields?  They are not allowed to use herbicides so they would never know if their fields had been contaminated with Monsanto’s Roundup ready wheat.  In fact, they could have a whole field of GMO wheat and not know it.  Nobody tests for GM wheat…they only verify that the farmer doesn’t use chemicals. 

And wheat exports rank 3rd among U.S.   field crops in both planted acreage and gross farm receipts, behind corn and soybeans (also high percentage genetically modified crops).  If the rest of the world halts imports of US wheat our economy is in serious trouble.  You thought 2008 was bad???

And woe is me to the farmers who grow wheat, organic and non-organic. 

What a tangled web you weave Monsanto!

We should learn…

Once upon a time there was a tiny little seed that began to sprout in a nursery not too far from here. The tiny plant had everything it needed to thrive and grow. Someone watered it daily, it had its own little pot to spread its roots in, it was fed periodically the perfect combination of nutrients to grow. It was so very happy and content.

When it grew big enough to get a job, it was hired along with several other species of beautiful plants to plant its roots in a pot and to hang out in downtown Seattle to beautify the sidewalk. Everyone who walked by the pot admired how beautiful the plants were and they were happy. They kept blooming and someone came along periodically to water and feed them just the right nutrients.

This little plant was so happy that it decided it was time to bare children. It saved up its nutrients, it saved up its energy and toward the end of the summer when the nights were beginning to get cold it gave birth to baby seeds. The plant nurtured the seeds taught them all about life and when the time came to cast them out onto the wind the plant gave a sigh of relief for a job well done.

Some seeds were scattered to the wind and many of them fell straight down onto the sidewalk where they were eaten by birds. Some of them were picked up and carried off by people’s shoes.

By the time spring rolled around the next year there were only a few left. These were hardy seeds. They had survived the wind in the fall and had been blown into the crack between the sidewalk and the building. They survived the cold winter by hovering under the protection of the bricks.

When the days began to get warmer they began to sprout. They were happy and they loved life. They enjoyed the sun beating on the sidewalk and endured the rain running downhill past them during the storms. They smiled when people came near enough to see them because they were so proud to do what their Mama had taught them to do …to beautify the sidewalk. They blossomed. Beautiful blue flowers, as beautiful as their Mama.

They knew they were small but they were so thankful for the chance to grow. They didn’t know that they could be bigger or have more flowers, they were grateful for what they had. They didn’t have anyone tending to their every need, watering and feeding them. They survived all on their own in the face of adversity. No food, no water, a tiny amount of soil covered their roots, they were exposed to the elements and they thrived.

We should learn…we should learn from them how to be grateful for what we have and how to thrive even in the face of adversity. Because the crack was all they knew, they were happy and content. They didn’t compare themselves to other plants, they just knew they were alive and they were grateful.


We should see and learn from the life around us…

i am who i am

In the quiet moments of the early morning, when the sun has not risen but the air warms in preparation for its arrival, my soul stirs. The smell of wet earth and freshly laundered oxygen puts me back to the place where I began. To a place where the wild things live, where I am a wild thing, where pianos and locks have not yet been invented. It is in these moments that I turn inward and know the beginning. Nothing can penetrate this feeling of coming home, of being wild.

Sometimes that feeling lasts for hours, trailing behind me like the tail of a kite, reminding me of where I began. But other times the feeling dissipates like fog rolling across a pond in the deep forest and I forget who I am and why I am here.

It is foggy now. I have forgotten. But like summer mornings, the fog lifts.

I had a dream the other night that I lost all of my hair. Looking into the mirror all I could see was scalp and a few hairs tied back into a ponytail. There was no emotion in the dream though. The more I thought about it the next day the more I realized that it meant I could finally be me and I was finally being who I was and not what society expected me to be.

In the past, looking into the mirror and seeing no hair would have been truly traumatic. I am one with my hair. It reminds me of my femininity, of my womanhood and of my beauty. If I didn’t have hair would I still be feminine? Yes. If I didn’t have any hair would I still be a woman? Most definitely. If my hair all fell out, would I still be beautiful? On the inside for sure. But on the outside it would be questionable. So even now, I am deeply connected to my hair.

I live in a house, in a small town in Washington, in the grand US of A, in North America, on the planet earth, in the “Solar System” in infinite space. I am an infinitesimal dot connected to all dots that exist here in my home town and out there far away in space in the never ending sea of life.

And who I am today does not define me but interprets me as a culmination of “in the beginning” and “I AM”. Every molecule in my body that God created plays a part in who I am and every molecule that is not inside my body also plays a part in who I was, who I am and who I am to be.

So tell me why then, if we are all connected by molecules oxygen and water, do we rape the earth of its resources, do we torture other living beings, do we try to own the earth, do we put poisons into our bodies, do we put money above all else when we know that God is above all else.

I’ve learned in my 50 years that my clothing doesn’t define me, that trying to please others only hurts myself, that being who I am instead of who they want me to be is above all else the most important thing to remember.

When asked who He was, God replied, I Am Who I Am. That’s all. He didn’t say he had a certain color skin, or he had a certain amount of money, he didn’t say he had a certain job, or he belonged to a certain tribe. I Am Who I Am. That’s it. Signed,


I am who I am, without the capitals