The evening was crisp and dark. I padded down my long driveway to put bottles in the recycle can, as the garbage service was coming tomorrow. As I neared the road I heard a muffled flutter and looked up to see a great horned owl fly from the street to the wire above me. My heart quickened as I gazed upon its beauty and its power.

We looked at each other for minutes…I said hi to it out loud smiling at the gift I was given. The three amigos saw it too and were as excited as I. We were not 10 feet from it above us. They swirled around under the wire, their curiosity peeked. The owl watched them from above showing me the flexibilty of a 360 degree neck.

I was amazed, excited and grateful all at the same time. I walked under the great bird and he didn’t move. We watched him for what seemed like an hour but probably was five minutes. I crossed back over the street and called the dogs back and as I crossed the owl followed and disappeared in the Grandmother cedar that marks the beginning of our property.

There was no fear in this whole meeting. I was, he was, they were all part of the plan…part of the knowing…part of God.

What a fine gift I received last night!



  1. I love this peaceful lovely moment.How soon we forget there is an amazing life out there bet and the cubicle.

  2. Edie libby

    I felt the beauty of this encounter through your words! Thanks for sharing such a positive experience! Love to you from old Auntie 😘

    • willowspirit

      Thanks Auntie!

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