Alone or lonely


The soul’s journey was meant to be personal. While others provide love, companionship, information and physical pleasure, ultimately it is me that chooses what to incorporate intomy life’s journey and what to discard.

Alone is a perceived harsh word with a less than positive meaning passed down from generation to generation until it is no longer recognized as the single most important factor in finding the destined place in life.

In aloneness thoughts are clearer, unmuddled by others. In aloneness it is possible to sort through the different aspects of life that have been carried along the way…discarding those that don’t serve.

Every great person in history found lasting wisdom through being alone. And ordinary life is great in its own accord and requires the space to contemplate gems collected.

In a perfect world we would go throughout the day picking up tidbits and storing them like a harvester stores fruit in a basket.  At the end of the day, being alone, we would sort through that ‘basket’ and discard the ‘fruits’ that don’t serve us and clean,  cherish and store the ones that do.  A daily practice like this would bring peace to an already chaotic world and it would provide balance so that the start of a new day begins with the solid foundation of your soul’s choice, ready to harvest anew.


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  1. wonderful thoughts. thank you Vicki

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